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Investigators are still trying to piece together the details of a fatal crash that claimed the lives of three people in Middletown, according to local sources. New York police have reported that a tractor trailer apparently struck a disabled vehicle in the early morning of June 1. The fatal car accident is still under investigation at this time. 

According to the 911 operator who took the initial call, a woman called around 3:40 a.m. to ask for help after her vehicle ran out of gas on the interstate. Shortly thereafter, another call confirmed that a tractor trailer had run off the road in approximately the same location. State troopers were dispatched to investigate. 

According to the troopers on the scene, it appears the vehicle had broken down in a driving lane and was then rear-ended by a tractor trailer, which then drove off the road. The 29-year-old driver of the car and her 9-year-old daughter were killed along with an unidentified female passenger and two dogs. The 52-year-old driver of the big rig was uninjured. 

The details of this case are still too vague to make guesses as to how it will play out. A car accident of this type can sometimes be attributed to the driver of the disabled vehicle if he or she does not move the vehicle from the driving lane. However, this does not discount the possibility that the tractor trailer driver was not paying proper attention to the road, causing him to strike the disabled vehicle. If New York police ask the same question, the family of the deceased individuals may have grounds to file wrongful death suits against the big rig driver and possibly his company as well. 

Source: NBC New York, “3 Killed When Tractor-Trailer Slams into Car on I-84: State Police“, Rana Novini, June 1, 2016