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A serious crash in Clay has investigators attempting to determine what caused it, according to local law enforcement sources. The central New York town was the site of a severe five-car accident just after noon on Dec. 28. For the moment, no charges against any of the drivers involved have been filed. 

According to the investigation so far, a vehicle attempted to pull out of a parking lot attached to a grocery store into the path of a second car. That car swerved to avoid the first vehicle, moving into the adjacent lane were it struck a third vehicle. These collisions tipped off a multi-car crash that would eventually involve five cars and an unknown number of individuals. 

A total of seven people were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. None of them are said to have suffered life-threatening injuries. Investigators are still attempting to ascertain whether the driver leaving the grocery store had the right-of-way, or if the driver who swerved was operating his or her vehicle recklessly, causing the crash. As of this report, neither one of those individuals, along with the rest of the drivers involved, have been charged by police. 

However, the New York police investigation is still ongoing. Should evidence arise that one or more of the drivers involved in the car accident played a role in its facilitation, those drivers could face criminal charges. Additionally, even if no formal charges are filed, private individuals could use evidence of recklessness to file personal injury lawsuits against the person or persons responsible for the accident. 

Source: uitcaod.com, “Officials: 7 hurt in 5-car chain-reaction crash near Syracuse“, Dec. 29, 2015