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Five people were hurt in Yorktown Heights after a car smashed into a CVS pharmacy, according to local sources. The car accident sent all five people, including the driver, to local hospitals. New York police are still in the process of investigating why the driver lost control of the vehicle, and so far, they have not filed charges. 

According to the accident report, around 6:20 p.m. on the evening of May 3, the driver of an SUV apparently lost control of the vehicle, which mounted the curb. The SUV smashed into the pharmacy, toppling the brick and glass front wall by the force of the impact. Four people in the store were hurt by the impact, and the driver also suffered injuries. 

Thankfully, none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. However, police are investigating allegations that the driver was suffering from a medical condition at the time of the crash. Their investigation is still underway as of this report. 

If a driver suffers from a medical condition that could impair his or her ability to operate their vehicle in a safe way, it is incumbent upon that driver to exercise care, caution and discretion in driving a motor vehicle. A driver who suffers a medical crisis that could have been avoided might face claims for damages incurred due to a resulting car accident in New York. It remains to be seen whether this accident will result in personal injury claims, though there may be several theories of liability with regard to the injured store patrons.

Source: lohud.com, “Yorktown Heights: Car slams into CVS store, injuring five“, Gabriel Rom, May 3, 2016