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A dramatic crash has sent several people to local hospitals, according to local sources. New York authorities have reported that both drivers involved in the bus crash have been issued summons after several people suffered severe injuries as a result of the accident. So far, neither driver has been officially charged with an infraction. 

According to police, the driver of a bus carrying an indeterminate number of people made an illegal U-turn in Queens, at which point another vehicle reportedly cut him off. As a result, the bus driver lost control of the vehicle, which crashed into the side of a three-floor building, tearing one corner of the building entirely off. A total of six people were injured in the crash, including the bus driver. 

The driver is currently in critical condition but is expected to survive, according to hospital representatives. The conditions of the other five injured parties are currently unknown. The New York Department of Buildings arrived on scene shortly after the accident to ensure the building’s structure was secure enough to risk moving the bus out of the hole it created. So far, police have not said whether they intend to file charges with either driver, and they say their investigation is ongoing. 

Based on the current report, it sounds as though both drivers could be cited for their roles in this accident. Considering the severe injuries inflicted on several individuals, criminal charges seem likely in this case. Regardless whether such charges are filed, the injured bus passengers will be entitled to file personal injury suits against both drivers and the bus company that owned the bus.

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