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Being in a motor vehicle accident can be a scary experience and, even when it appears that the accident isn’t serious, hidden injuries could exist. On the New York State Thruway, a car accident recently occurred between a Honda and a tractor-trailer. The two vehicles collided and four people were taken to Syracuse Hospital. At the time of initial reports, their injuries weren’t believed to be life-threatening.

There were three people in the Honda sedan that was apparently rear-ended by the tractor-trailer. The vehicles rolled over onto the eastbound ramp near Carrier Circle in DeWitt. The accident happened at approximately noontime, and it took approximately an hour before the eastbound ramp could be used again. No names of any of the accident victims were released in initial reports.

While the truck driver was among those injured in this accident, the truck’s cargo did not appear to be damaged and no visual signs of fuel spillage were detected from either vehicle. It’s unclear what caused the tractor to crash into the car. No tickets were issued but an investigation is reportedly ongoing.

New York residents involved in a car accident like this one should consider contacting the police even if the damage done to vehicles appears relatively minor. Additionally, even if it appears that injuries may be minor, it could still be wise to seek medical attention as some internal injuries may not be immediately apparent. For those who do suffer injuries in such a car accident, victims may be able to seek compensation for the injuries and damages that they have received.

Source: Syracuse.com, “Tractor-trailer-car accident on Thruway on-ramp from Carrier Circle sends four to Syracuse hospital,” John Mariani, Jan. 8, 2013