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In November 2011, a Newburgh police officer was found guilty of a hit-and-run car accident that took place in Marlborough, New York, back in 2009. In what appears to have been an unlikely turn of events, a man who was sworn to serve and protect will serve three years in a state prison for his role in the accident. According to a report from Your News Now, on top of the hit-and-run car accident conviction, jurors also found the officer guilty of insurance fraud and falsifying business records.

Officer Hit & Run Case in Newburgh, NY

Purportedly, the police officer struck a car transporting five women in October of 2009. He then fled the scene of the crash. Four of the five women victimized in the accident were injured — one of them suffering permanent disability as a result. After fleeing the scene of the Marlborough accident, the man contacted the New York State police to falsely report that he had been involved in a car-deer collision. He later filed a car insurance claim to the same effect, in order to repair the damage to his vehicle.

Thankfully, the truth of the car accident was eventually brought to light. In addition to prison time, the former Newburgh officer has been ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $13,000. Cases like this can be frustrating for car accident victims who are long awaiting the outcome of an investigation. However, it is possible that these victims and their families may find some solace in obtaining both education and information on the options available to them through the legal system.

Source: YNN, “Officer sentenced for ties to hit and run crash,” Feb. 10, 2012