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Four people were sent to local hospitals after a car crashed in front of an Apple location in Manhattan, according to local law enforcement. New York firefighters and police responded to the car accident at approximately 3:00 p.m. on June 8. At the moment, police are still gathering details about the specifics of the accident, and they have not filed charges against the driver. 

The accident report states that the driver, who was a member of the ride-sharing program Lyft, was heading eastbound when he appeared to lose control of the vehicle. The car hit a pole, as well as two pedestrians, both of whom were found lying on the ground near the crash site. The driver and his female passenger, who was in the back seat, had to be helped from the vehicle. 

The injuries sustained by all four individuals did not appear to be life threatening, according to first responders on the scene, but all four people were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The driver appeared to be sick, according to witnesses, although police have not released further information clarifying this point. As of this writing, the investigation is still underway. 

Should New York police determine that the driver was somehow at fault for losing control of his vehicle, he could face charges stemming from the car accident. However, even if no charges are filed, the injured parties may choose to file personal injury lawsuits against him in civil court. Such suits, while not criminal in nature, still require substantial evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the driver if financial damages are to be awarded. 

Source: dnainfo.com, “4 People Injured in Car Crash in Front of Midtown Apple Store, FDNY Says“, Ben Fractenberg and Gwynne Hogan, June 8, 2015