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Police are still on the lookout for a driver they say is responsible for a serious car crash that left one woman dead and her child in serious condition, according to local sources. New York police have not yet caught the unknown driver who precipitated the fatal car accident on July 17. The accident claimed the life of a 46-year old man’s wife and sent his young daughter, age 9, to the hospital. 

According to the man, he was driving with his family around 5:00 p.m. on the evening in question when an out-of-control luxury sedan ran a stop sign and smashed into his vehicle. He told police that he saw the other driver coming at an extremely high rate of speed and attempted to swerve out of the way but to no avail. The driver of the other vehicle apparently fled the scene on foot, although a passenger was left in that vehicle. 

The man’s wife was declared dead on the scene, and his daughter was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition. She is expected to recover, thankfully. New York police have asked for the support of the community in bringing the other driver to justice. 

When New York authorities apprehend with the other driver, it seems likely that he or she will face serious criminal charges pertaining to the car accident. In addition, the grieving man will be entitled to file both a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his wife and a personal injury suit on behalf of his daughter. These suits do not require criminal convictions to succeed in civil court, but convictions can be helpful when used as evidence to bolster the civil case. 

Source: New York Daily News, “Queens man describes horrific car crash that killed his wife, injured 9-year-old daughter; police hunt for coward who caused the accident“, Edgar Sandoval, Lisa L. Colangelo, July 18, 2016