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A man walking on an Albany-area road is dead following a car crash, according to local police. New York authorities are still investigating the single-car accident that ended in this tragic fatality just after midnight on October 8. An autopsy of the victim was scheduled for later in the day, and so far, police have yet to file any formal charges against the driver involved. 

Details about this accident are sketchy at best, but it has been determined that police responded only to discover the man lying in the road. He was declared dead on site by arriving medical personnel shortly thereafter. The exact nature of his injuries was unspecified but were sufficient enough to cause death before authorities arrived. 

The driver, who remained on the scene, was uninjured in the crash. He told police the man “appeared” in the road in front of him, and he did not have time to avoid the collision. It is unclear whether police subjected the man to roadside sobriety tests or whether he is under suspicion for having a hand in the tragic death. The accident remains under investigation.

If New York authorities determine that the driver of the car was in any way negligent in his handling of the situation with the pedestrian, he could face criminal charges for his involvement. However, even if no formal charges are filed, the family of the deceased man will still be entitled to file a wrongful death suit against the driver. In a car accident like this, the pedestrian still technically has the right-of-way, so a case could be made in a civil court setting.

Source: therepublic.com, “Pedestrian killed in accident on Albany-area road; man, 27, hit by car in Rensselaer County”, , Oct. 8, 2014