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Police are still unsure what caused a vehicle to leave the road and strike not only a Starbucks but also a delivery worker in the way, according to local sources. New York authorities responded to the car accident that took place around 9:15 the morning of Aug. 10. So far, they have not filed charges against the driver, who they say may have suffered a “medical emergency,” prompting the accident.

The accident report states that the driver was traveling southbound when he suddenly appeared to lose control of the vehicle, veering across the road and ramming the wall of the Starbucks. Thankfully, the worker was able to dodge at the last second, preventing serious injury, but he was still struck by the vehicle. Both the worker and the driver behind the wheel were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Police have not elaborated on what sort of medical emergency might have precipitated the accident. As of right now, they are not filing charges pending further investigation. No further details have been released at this time.

Should police determine that either no medical emergency took place or that the driver should have taken precautions to prepare for a pre-existing condition, that driver could still be held accountable for his or her role in the car accident. In addition, New York law will allow the worker to file a personal injury suit against the driver in this case. Such a suit would require compelling evidence that the driver wilfully endangered others on the road, either through action or inaction.  

Source: abc7ny.com, “VIDEO: Car runs off road, striking Starbucks on Upper East Side; 2 injuries reported“, Kemberly Richardson, Aug. 10, 2015