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Five people are hurt after a car plowed into a Queens storefront, according to local sources. New York emergency services responded to the car accident that also caused serious damage to the store on the evening of May 26. The driver was not arrested, and charges are not likely, but additional legal recourse may be available to the injured parties. 

According to the accident report, the driver was a 72-year-old woman who appeared to lose control of her vehicle while traveling at a relatively high rate of speed. Officials believe she may have accidentally pressed the wrong pedal, accelerating into the storefront. Her vehicle went right through a brick wall, scattering property and patrons alike.

Two people were listed in serious condition. Three others also suffered injuries, and all five were taken to local hospitals for treatment. Emergency workers shut off gas to the building to prevent the threat of a fire or explosion, and the building was evacuated ahead of a full investigation. There is no word on the condition of the driver at this time. 

Even if police do not pursue legal action against the driver involved in this car accident, New York state law will allow the injured parties to seek compensation for damages in the form of a civil law suit. Personal injury suits are required to be supported by evidence, which may be available if police prove the woman pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. If this can be proved, the woman could be responsible for paying out damages in a civil court setting. 

Source: CBS New York, “Vehicle Plows Into Queens Pathmark Store; 5 Injured“, May 26, 2015