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One man is dead and two others are injured after a wreck on Grand Central Parkway the night of Aug. 9, police have reported to the press. New York authorities responded to the car accident which happened east of exit 11. Charges are not expected against the surviving driver, but the police investigation is ongoing at this time. 

The accident report states that a 28-year-old man was operating his motorcycle in an erratic manner, including weaving in and out of traffic, when he struck the back of an SUV. The force of the impact was enough to throw the man from his vehicle and onto the road. Emergency personnel found him there unconscious and unresponsive when they arrived. 

The man was rushed to a local hospital via ambulance, but he was later pronounced dead of his injuries. The two individuals in the SUV were also taken to hospitals with injuries to their necks and backs. The exact severity of these injuries is unknown at this time. Police have not specified whether they believe the motorcyclist was drunk or reckless, and they have asked that anyone who witnessed the accident to please contact police or Crimestoppers. 

If it becomes clear through the course of the New York police investigation that the motorcyclist was indeed at fault for the car accident, this may be of benefit to the injured parties currently recovering. State law allows them to use evidence uncovered by the investigation to file a posthumous personal injury suit against the motorcyclist’s estate. Evidence that he was negligent or drunk at the time of the accident could go a long way towards seeing damages awarded to the injured parties. 

Source: pix11.com, “Motorcyclist dead after hitting SUV on Grand Central Parkway: NYPD“, Talia Tirella, Aug. 10, 2016