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Three people were hurt after being struck by a car outside a bar in central New York, according to local sources. Police are still investigating the cause of the car accident, which happened in Fulton, New York, around 2 a.m. on July 31. Very little is currently known about this accident. 

The limited reports say only that a vehicle driven by an unknown person struck three other individuals outside a Shotz bar in Fulton. All three individuals were taken to a local hospital, but the extent of their injuries is unknown at this time. The condition of the driver involved in the accident is also unknown. 

Police have not commented publicly on what they think contributed to this crash. Alcohol, negligence and recklessness have not been ruled out at this time. However, they have not publicly filed charges against this driver either, and it is unknown if he or she is currently in police custody or if charges will be filed at all.

However, in cases of a car accident of this nature involving stationary pedestrians, it can often be assumed that, if fault is to be ascribed, the driver involved would bear at least some of it. New York police will continue to investigate this accident with that in mind, and if they find evidence that the driver was in some way responsible for the crash, that individual will likely face criminal charges concurrent with their involvement. The injured parties may also wish to pursue civil suits using what evidence is brought to light by the criminal investigation to back them up.

Source: timesunion.com, “3 injured when hit by car outside central New York bar”, July 31, 2015