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A serious accident that closed the interstate near Syracuse for several hours is being attributed to a single driver who police believe may have been drunk at the time of the crash. The car accident, which involved a passenger bus and a tractor-trailer, injured 27 people, including the bus driver. New York authorities are continuing to investigate, but they have confirmed that they will be pressing charges against the driver of the car. 

According to the accident report, a car crashed into a guard rail, and a tractor-trailer had stopped to render aid when the accident occurred. The bus struck the crashed car, causing serious damage and trapping the bus driver until he could be extricated by emergency personnel. He was rushed to a local hospital with critical injuries. Twenty-six passengers on board the bus suffered minor injuries as well. 

The 36-year-old driver of the car was apparently intoxicated at the time of the crash, and he has been taken into custody by New York police. He is facing a drunk driving charge in association with this accident. It appears that the tractor-trailer driver was uninjured in the accident. 

If the car driver is found guilty of drunk driving, he will face serious criminal penalties under New York state law. Additionally, the injured parties on board the bus will be entitled to file personal injury suits against him for his role in the car accident that injured them. Evidence indicating the man’s intoxicated state can be used to bolster any and all of these potential civil cases.

Source: Fox News, “NYC-bound bus, tractor-trailer, car crash on interstate near Syracuse; 27 injured“, Nov. 6, 2014