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A teen who was behind the wheel during a fatal accident two years ago has been sentenced, according to local sources. A New York court found the teen guilty of vehicular manslaughter after he admitted to being high while driving at the time of the car accident that killed four of his friends. The teen’s representation attempted to lobby to have him tried as a youth, but the appeal was rejected. The teen now faces five to 15 years in prison.

Events Leading Up to Long Island Car Accident

The accident record states the teen, then 17 years old, was driving in excess of 100 mph in Long Island when the accident occurred. His high-performance sports car left the road and struck a tree with such violent force that it tore the car completely in half. All four passengers in the vehicle were killed instantly, though the driver suffered only minor injuries.

He later admitted to having smoked marijuana before and possibly during the drive that led to the crash, leading police to file additional DWI charges. However, New York does not have an accurate system for measuring intoxication from marijuana. The teen will now have to serve his time in state prison for his crimes.

Wrongful Death Case Underway

The tragedy of this car accident is magnified by its preventable nature, considering the driver was reckless and high at the time of the accident. New York law will allow the families of the deceased teens to file lawsuits for wrongful death against the teen and any separate owner of the vehicle in question. The evidence brought forth in the criminal trial may be useful to support the civil cases as well.

Source: trentonian.com, “NY teen gets 5 to 15 years for wreck that killed four”, , Aug. 26, 2014