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One man is dead and a second seriously injured after a wrong-way crash in Cortland County on the morning of Sept. 22, according to local authorities. New York State Police say the car accident involved a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer. It appears the car was traveling the wrong direction when the accident occurred.

The accident report says the 61-year-old driver of the car was traveling southbound on Route 90 when, for reasons unknown, he drifted into northbound lanes. This took him directly into the path of a northbound tractor-trailer, which he struck head-on. The driver of the smaller vehicle was declared dead at the scene of the accident by arriving medical authorities responding to a 911 call.

The driver of the tractor-trailer, a 48-year-old man who was hauling a cargo of whey, was rushed to an upstate hospital for injuries described as non life-threatening. He is expected to pull through. Police are still not certain why the other driver entered the northbound lane, but their investigation will continue until a satisfactory explanation has been uncovered.

If the New York police investigation concludes that the older driver drifted as a result of negligence or intoxication, the driver of the tractor-trailer might have legal recourse available to him. Of course, no criminal charges are filed against a driver who has perished in a car accident. However, the other driver could file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court against the driver’s estate. If evidence exists the deceased driver was materially responsible for the crash, the other driver could be awarded damages.

Source: pressconnects.com, “FATAL CRASH: One dead, one injured in Homer“, Katie Sullivan, Sept. 23, 2016