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A visitor from out-of-state has been tragically killed following a crash involving another individual from the same state. New York police are investigating the car accident that killed a 43-year-old motorcyclist on the afternoon of August 17. No charges have yet been filed in association with this crash, but the investigation is still underway as of this report.

According to the accident report, the 43-year-old man was traveling on state Route 434 when the accident occurred. Witnesses say they saw a car, being driven by a 71-year-old man, execute a left-hand turn into the path of the motorcycle, which crashed into the car. The motorcyclist was badly injured and succumbed to those injuries at the crash site. He was pronounced dead on the scene by arriving medical personnel.

The status of the driver of the car is currently unknown. It is also unknown what prompted the driver to turn into the path of the motorcycle. Police have not commented on whether the move was the result of alcohol intoxication or other mitigating factors, but those items have not been ruled out at this time. While no charges have officially been filed, the investigation is not yet considered closed.

If New York police find compelling evidence to suggest that the car accident was the fault of the motorist and not the motorcyclist, the driver may face criminal charges. Additionally, the family of the deceased victim will be entitled to file for wrongful death against the driver, regardless of whether he is found guilty in a criminal court. If sufficient evidence exists to suggest culpability, it can be used to support the civil case as well.

Source: pennlive.com, “Pa. motorcyclist dies in New York State crash involving another Pa. driver“, John Luciew, Aug. 18, 2014