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An individual involved in a car crash in Manhattan reportedly died of a heart attack, according to local news. The driver involved in the single-car accident has been taken into custody for reasons unknown by New York authorities after he allegedly drove off the road. His passenger apparently suffered a fatal heart attack that is being attributed to the trauma of the crash. 

According to New York police, the driver was traveling north around 5:41 a.m. on May 24 when he apparently drove off the road and into a tree. His two passengers were taken to a local hospital for treatment following the crash. One of them was treated for minor injuries, but the other apparently suffered a fatal heart attack and was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

The condition of the driver himself is unknown, but police have reported that he was arrested for an unknown reason. If he is found guilty of whatever charges are brought against him, he could face serious legal repercussions including the loss of his license and possibly jail time. As of this writing, no specific charges have been announced. 

If New York authorities are able to prove the driver responsible in this car accident, it will be as a result of incontrovertible evidence of the driver’s wrongdoing. This evidence can be used to support civil personal injury and wrongful death suits filed by the injured passenger and the family of the deceased passenger. In the case of the wrongful death suit, it will be necessary to prove a causal link between the accident and the passenger’s heart attack. 

Source: amny.com, “All lanes of Harlem River Drive reopen after fatal accident in Manhattan“, Lisa Irizarry, May 24, 2015