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A police chase that originated in New York and terminated in Mount Vernon thankfully did not cause any fatalities. New York police have reported that two individuals, including an infant, were seriously injured in the car accident. Police have arrested the driver and another passenger but have yet to file formal charges. 

According to a statement made by the Mount Vernon Mayor, on the afternoon of March 15 a vehicle was being driven at speeds described as excessive when New York police attempted to pull it over. The vehicle evaded police and left the city, heading for Mount Vernon in Westchester County. When the vehicle arrived, it crashed into several parked cars, bringing the chase to an end. 

Local police responded to the scene immediately. They arrested the driver and one passenger. A second passenger, a woman who was in the back seat during the chase, suffered serious injuries and is currently in critical condition. An infant that was also in the back seat was also injured, but is listed as stable at this time. Police have not announced the charges for the driver and passenger. 

It is extremely lucky, especially with the presence of an infant, that no one was killed in this car accident. However, the woman and the child’s parents or legal guardians may file personal injury lawsuits against the driver who was behind the wheel at the time of the crash. Such a suit would be handled in civil court, separately from any criminal charges filed by New York police. 

Source: pix11.com, “Vehicle fleeing NYPD crashes in Mount Vernon, injuring 2“, March 15, 2016