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A car crash in Queens has sent eight people to the hospital, including a baby of indeterminate age, according to local sources. Fire Department personnel responded to the car accident, which is still under investigation, around 8:10 p.m. on March 29. So far, no criminal charges have been filed in connection with the New York accident. 

Details about the cause of the crash are sparse at the time of this report. A spokesman for the fire department has confirmed that at least two vehicles were involved in the crash, with more a possibility. All eight victims were transported to a local hospital on Long Island with various injuries. 

Four of the eight victims escaped with relatively minor injuries, but three others were more seriously injured. The baby was listed in critical condition, though the injuries are unspecified. It is unclear whether the baby’s family were present in the crash. At this point, police have not ruled out driver error as a possible factor in the crash. 

Too little information is available about the specifics of the car accident to determine where the fault may lie, or if criminal charges will be filed against one or more drivers. However, considering the extent of the injuries caused by the crash, it seems likely that New York authorities will pursue the investigation until they are able to conclude exactly what happened. Surely, the first concern is for the baby. As the accident details emerge, the injured parties may choose to consider filing personal injury claims against the individual or individuals deemed responsible. 

Source: Newsday, “Baby, 7 others injured in Queens car crash“, March 30, 2015