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The morning of Mar. 10 could have ended tragically after an out-of-control cab crashed into a building. New York police are still in the process of investigating the car accident that sent the cabbie and two bystanders to the hospital. For the moment, no charges have been filed. 

According to the accident report, the cab jumped a curb around 8:45 a.m. in the East Side. Witnesses told police the driver was driving at a high rate of speed and that he had run a red light when the accident happened. The cab struck two pedestrians, including one on a bicycle, before striking a building located at 33rd Street and First Avenue. 

Apparently a car was also struck, but it does not appear that anyone was injured inside the vehicle. Medical authorities arriving on the scene transported all three injured individuals to local hospitals with injuries whose severity have not been disclosed. At this moment, police have not speculated publicly about what may have caused the cab driver to lose control of his vehicle. 

As the New York police investigation continues, should it be determined the cab driver contributed meaningfully to the car accident, he could face criminal charges. In addition, the injured parties would also be entitled to file personal injury suits against him in a civil court setting. The two are mutually exclusive: no criminal conviction must be won, nor do criminal charges even need be filed, in order to file civil suits. However, it may be helpful as evidence of driver contribution is still necessary to win a civil case. 

Source: observer.com, “Afternoon Bulletin: Taxi Hits East Side Building, NY Post Homeless Crusade Continues“, Zoe Miller, Mar. 10, 2016