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A horrendous accident is being attributed to a driver believed to have been drunk at the time of the crash, police are reporting. A trip in New York was cut tragically short when an allegedly drunk driver initiated a fatal accident that killed four women and injured an additional five people. The driver involved in the accident is facing drunk driving charges after fleeing the scene of the crash.

Authorities have reported that eight women were out riding in a limousine when the crash occurred. The driver of the limo was attempting to negotiate a U-turn onto a westbound stretch of highway when a pickup truck driven by an unidentified individual broadsided the limo. The force of the impact nearly cut the limo in two.

Three of the eight passengers were killed immediately, with a fourth succumbing shortly after at a local hospital. The other four passengers and the limo driver were all taken to hospitals with serious injuries. The condition of the apparently drunk driver is unknown, though it was been confirmed he fled the scene on foot and was later apprehended by police.

Obviously the alleged drunk driver will bear the brunt of legal action in this fatal accident, but it should be noted that under New York traffic law, the limo driver may bear some responsibility as well. The U-turn he was attempting, while not illegal, was deemed “risky” by law enforcement; thus, it could constitute negligence. With this in mind, both the limo driver and the drunk driver might be named as defendants — along with the limo company itself — in any wrongful death lawsuits the families of the deceased may wish to file, along with any personal injury lawsuits filed by the surviving parties.

Source: New York Post, “Wine tour ends in carnage after “drunk” driver slams into limo“, Taylor K. Vecsey and Becky Strum, July 18, 2015