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One person is dead and two others have been seriously hurt following a car crash in Queens. New York police have reported that an investigation into this car accident is still underway and that no charges have yet been filed. The accident reportedly involved two vehicles and several pedestrians. 

Around 5:30 p.m. on the evening of Oct. 6, police responded to calls about an accident on Atlantic Avenue. It appears a 46-year-old woman may have run a red light her vehicle was struck in the intersection by another vehicle. The force of that impact forced her vehicle onto the sidewalk, where it struck a group of pedestrians. A total of three people were hit on the sidewalk.

All individuals involved in the crash were taken to local hospitals for treatment. A 52-year-old woman, one of the pedestrians, was pronounced dead later in the day. A 2-year-old girl is also in critical condition, but all other individuals involved are listed as stable at this time. It is as yet unclear whether the driver who allegedly ran the red light will face criminal charges in connection to this accident. 

New York traffic laws demand that drivers be aware of their surroundings at all times. Running a red light may constitute negligence under the circumstances. Because this car accident resulted in injuries and at least one fatality, the family of the deceased woman and the injured parties will all be entitled to file civil lawsuits against the driver involved. If sufficient evidence of her failure to obey traffic law is show to have been the cause of this accident, a court may enter a judgment for financial losses sustained.

Source: pix11.com, “Pedestrians critically injured after being hit by car in Queens“, Alyssa Zauderer, Oct. 10, 2015