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A woman who was the passenger on a motorcycle involved in an accident has tragically died, according to responders in Queens. The woman reportedly suffered severe injuries that lead to her untimely demise on Sept. 8. She was struck by two cars after being thrown from the motorcycle. The operator of the motorcycle has not been charged by New York authorities, and the driver of the first car that struck her fled the scene. 

According to the accident report, the 22-year-old woman was riding on the back of a motorcycle being driven by a 28-year-old man near Exit 17 on Belt Parkway. Apparently, the driver somehow lost control of the bike, causing it to strike the center median and catapult both rider and passenger into traffic. The driver escaped with minor injuries. 

His passenger was not so lucky. Shortly after hitting the pavement, she was struck by a vehicle attempting to swerve and avoid her, causing her serious injury. That vehicle fled the scene of the accident. A second vehicle then struck her, and she was declared dead by arriving medical personnel. For the moment, police have not filed charges against anyone involved, though they are asking for help in tracking down the driver of the first car. 

It seems possible that someone might face criminal charges as this investigation unfolds. The severe injuries suffered by the woman and her eventual death demand that New York authorities continue their investigation until a cause for the initial accident is found. Regardless of any criminal charges that may or may not be filed, the family of the deceased woman will be in a position to file for wrongful death in a civil court. 

Source: chron.com, “Motorcycle passenger killed in Queens”, Sept. 8, 2015