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A woman suffered severe injuries after being struck by a cab in Midtown Manhattan, according to local sources. New York police are still investigating the cause of the two-car accident that sent the woman to the hospital with multiple compound fractures. So far, they have not filed charges against the driver whose cab struck her.

The accident report states the woman was loading baggage into a cab on Seventh Avenue when the crash occurred. A second cab struck the back of the cab she was loading. The woman was sandwiched between the two vehicles, and a witness reported that the woman appeared to be in shock following the impact, that she was bleeding heavily and that her legs were apparently crushed by the force of the crash. 

The driver of the cab that struck her apparently has a clean record and has not yet been charged. The driver of the cab into which she was loading her luggage said he was about to take the woman to the airport before the accident occurred. An investigation into the specifics of the crash is ongoing as of this report. The woman’s current condition was not reported.

Should the driver of the second cab be found to have been negligent or reckless leading up to the car accident, it is possible he will face criminal charges. New York law also allows the injured woman to file a personal injury suit against him, even in the absence of a conviction. If enough evidence of his alleged negligence exists, the case could be heard before a civil court.

Source: New York Daily News, “Woman critically injured after getting struck, pinned between taxis in New York City while loading luggage: cops“, Caitlin Nolan, Rocco Parascandola, Tina Moore, Mar. 2, 2015