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  There’s no better way to kick off the summer than with a Fourth of July celebration. Kids are on vacation, groups gather to barbecue or picnic at the beach, people play music at outdoor barbeques, and no one can wait to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately, the crowds and loud noises that we find thrilling…

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new york dog bite law

Understanding dog bite laws in New York is necessary if you own a canine or interact with them regularly. Even if you don’t, knowing the ins and out of these laws can be helpful if you’re ever bitten yourself. New York Dog Bite Laws New York dog bite laws are relatively complicated in that they…

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Dog Bites in new york

Unfortunately, not all dogs are friendly and there are times when even the friendliest dogs have been known to bite. A dog bite incident can be painful and frightening. As personal injury attorneys, we have helped many dog bite victims and would like to pass on some information to help you and your children avoid…

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