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heavy machinery accidents in new york

Heavy machinery accidents are among the leading causes of injuries and fatalities suffered by industrial workers, especially in the construction and manufacturing industries. These accidents can be debilitating given the weight and power of machinery involved. Victims of heavy machinery accidents need to know what their options are following an accident, including how to file…

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  Construction sites always pose a risk of injury to those working in them. When a scaffold structure is poorly designed, built, or maintained, tragedies can happen. Many times, scaffolding accidents result in severe injuries because of the heights involved. Worse, the surfaces below scaffolds are often hard, littered or both. Construction workers place themselves…

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commercial truck accident semi tractor trailer lawsuit

Drivers operating large commercial trucks including semis, 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers are often the subjects of negative press. Criticism of 11-hour shifts, use of illegal stimulants, poor rig maintenance and more has been common. The cause for concern is simple: large truck operations pose a serious threat to both drivers as well as the general public. …

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highway construction accident law in new york

New York City never seems to be completed. It’s always under construction. As part of this process, New York’s Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining about 6,000 miles of roads and highways, as well as over 700 bridges and tunnels. Each year, workers, motorists and pedestrians are injured or killed by some form of…

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construction accident in new york city

New York City is home to some of the world’s most iconic skylines, thanks to the amount of construction taking place each day—especially in the city’s current “building boom.” Unfortunately, the construction industry behind the boom has become New York’s most dangerous workforce. Construction accidents may seem commonplace, but recent studies show that New York…

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most common workplace injuries in new york

A worker is injured or becomes ill on the job every 7 seconds, according to the National Safety Council. Most work-related injuries put employees out of work, resulting in lost income, and heavy medical expenses. This article will share statistics that highlight the most common workplace injuries in New York, and the legal steps to…

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new york slip and fall verdict and settlement

If you slip and fall on a business’s premises, New York state may hold the property owner or business operator liable for your injury, and you may be eligible for compensation. If this applies to you or someone you know, the following is everything you need to know about the legal process regarding slip and…

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