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slip and fall in parking lot injury lawsuit

While tragedies can happen almost anywhere, parking lots are notorious spots for slip and fall accidents in New York. These often result in short and long-term injuries.  Serious injuries from falls in parking lots and other locales are common. An estimated 3 million elderly people in the US are treated in an emergency room each…

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manhattan slip and fall accident settlement

Winter Slip & Fall Accidents in Manhattan The busy streets of Manhattan can be hazardous, particularly regarding slipping and tripping incidents. Winter often causes an increase in slip and fall accident claims being filed due to icier sidewalks and other seasonal factors. Why Do Slip & Fall Accidents Occur? Slip and fall accidents occur when…

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difference between trip and slip and fall injury accident lawsuit

Every year, over 52,000 people are hospitalized because of slipping or tripping on hazards. Most of the time, these accidents are preventable. In many such cases, it’s possible to file a “trip and fall” or “slip and fall” lawsuit to collect compensation for damages. Many injured victims do not know the difference between a “trip”…

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uneven sidewalk personal injury lawsuit

Whether from negligent construction operations or lack of maintenance and repair, sidewalks can become dangerously cracked and defective. When neglected over time, the conditions grow more and more hazardous. Suffering a personal injury from tripping and falling on uneven pavement can result in filing a lawsuit against a negligent party. However, who one is able…

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most common workplace injuries in new york

A worker is injured or becomes ill on the job every 7 seconds, according to the National Safety Council. Most work-related injuries put employees out of work, resulting in lost income, and heavy medical expenses. This article will share statistics that highlight the most common workplace injuries in New York, and the legal steps to…

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new york slip and fall verdict and settlement

If you slip and fall on a business’s premises, New York state may hold the property owner or business operator liable for your injury, and you may be eligible for compensation. If this applies to you or someone you know, the following is everything you need to know about the legal process regarding slip and…

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