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Sobo & Sobo – Daniel V.’s Story

Daniel V.– Driver Fell Asleep & Hit His Company Vehicle Head On.

An Unexpected Accident

“I got up in the morning… a normal day, to do what I do every day and within 10 minutes it was all gone. All the plans, all the dreams, it was all over.”
Daniel V.

Four years ago Daniel V. got up and went to work like he had done for the past 14 years. Daniel repaired gas lines for a living. It was a job at which he excelled, in fact he was rated by Con Ed as a top gas mechanic and was on a career path to become an area supervisor. That all changed within minutes. Daniel was driving his company’s 16 foot box truck on Route 300 in the town of Newburgh when a driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed across 4 lanes of traffic and hit Daniel head on.

Extensive & Ongoing Medical Treatment
“It’s been hard, to get used to not being able to do the things I used to do.”
Daniel V.

It took 11 procedures and over 200 physical therapy sessions to get Daniel functioning as well as he does today. He had surgery on his foot, ankle and knee. Although he no longer has to use a cane, he continues to wear ankle and knee braces which cause him to walk with a limp. He had four pins placed in his shoulder. His pain continues daily, with two herniated disks in his neck and two bulging disks in his lower back, he needs daily medication for pain.

Life Now
“Life now, after the accident, Thanks to Sobo & Sobo is a lot better than I thought it would be.”
Daniel V.

Due to his extensive injuries, Daniel was unable to return to work. He was forced into early retirement because he cannot do the gas work that he loved. At first, the thought of not working and being able to support his family was horrible but life now for Daniel is a lot better than he thought it would be. He gives all the credit to Sobo & Sobo. The settlement they achieved on his behalf that has allowed him to make staying at home and aggravating his wife which is his new full time job!

Winning Together
“Everything Sobo & Sobo did was amazing.”
Daniel V.

Sobo & Sobo took on a complicated case and was awarded a significant settlement for Daniel. The case was a real battle involving the department of transportation, workers compensation and multiple insurance companies. In addition to all those elements, there was a criminal case because the driver’s wife tragically died in the accident. In the end after three years, the case settled but during the process, the firm made Daniel feel comfortable. They answered all his questions, addressed his concerns and his worries just melted away. Without Greg and Sobo & Sobo Daniel says he doesn’t know what he would have done. Daniel shared, “At first, it was horrible but at least with Sobo & Sobo it wasn’t devastating. Life is not real bad now.”