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New York Defective Medical Devices Lawyer

The use of medical devices has revolutionized medicine over the past 50 years. Medical devices are used in almost every aspect of the health industry. While many of these devices are miracles to many patients, many medical device manufacturers place profits over people by designing and manufacture devices that are defective and cause serious harm. The defective medical device lawyers at Sobo & Sobo can help you recover the fair compensation you deserve if you were injured by a defective medical device.

The attorneys at Sobo & Sobo are currently investigating many companies that have designed and manufactured defective medical devices. Listed below, you will find all of the companies and devices we are investigating and detailed information about what problems each device is causing in patients. You will also find information about what you should do next if you believe you have suffered injuries from a defective medical device.


New York Hernia Mesh Injury Lawyer

Imagine having a hernia in need of repair and going to a doctor you trust. The doctor suggests it can be repaired with the latest medical device, hernia mesh and refers you for surgery. You believe the doctor and surgeon will do the right thing by you so you go forward with surgery. At first…

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New York Hips and Knees Injury Lawyer

Over the last decade, there have been several knee and hip prostheses recalled from the market. When a medical device is recalled it means that the product can no longer be used in patients and that people who have had the device implanted will most likely have to have it removed and replaced. Imagine the dismay…

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New York IVC Filters Injury Lawyer

Imagine having an issue with blood clots and visiting your doctor. While there you are told you needed an Inferior Vena Cava filter (IVC filter) to catch the potential blood clots to keep them from reaching your heart and lungs. You trust your doctor and so you have the surgery to place the filter. Now imagine that…

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