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Top notch. I’ve had to deal with attorneys before so I knew a little of what to expect when I got in my accident. I called Sobo & Sobo first because of their reputation for getting great results. They got be a great result in my particular case but what I was surprised about is how nice and friendly everyone is at the firm. You don’t feel slimy when you hire them to help with your personal injury case because they are great lawyers and good people too.

V.G. May 10, 2018

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I love these guys. They helped with my personal injury case and are now helping with my SSD case. If it weren’t for this firm, I would be financially ruined. They have made all the difference for me.

C.J. September 25, 2018

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Sobo & Sobo made the process easy. Basically, Sobo & Sobo does all the work and they call you to keep you updated. You just don’t have to worry about anything with them in control.

C.D. June 17, 2018

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There is so much to like about this firm. They don’t charge you a penny except from what THEY WIN. They take the time to explain things, and you don’t feel slimy seeing them because you can tell that they are great lawyers but also great people. I wish all lawyers were like the Sobo firm.

K.M. May 3, 2018

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I have nothing but positive things to say about this firm. Warm and welcoming from the very first day to the very last day. Terrific settlement that was more than I could have hoped for. I just don’t see how a firm can get any better than Sobo & Sobo.

R.H. September 12, 2018

Why Sobo and Sobo?

Amazing Support

Our firm is made up of a group of dedicated professionals who have a passion for helping people and also happen to be really talented IVC filter injury lawyers. Our entire team, lawyer and paralegal alike are accommodating, welcoming and accessible. The team is dedicated to offering each client we represent amazing support.

A Cut Above

The Law Offices of Sobo & Sobo are well-known for the superior results we are able to achieve on behalf of our clients. However, our winning reputation is only one aspect of what makes us a cut above other IVC filter injury attorneys. What sets us apart is our mission to make a difference in the lives of our clients. We provide exceptional legal representation while committing ourselves to client satisfaction. We understand that it’s the story behind the story that matters. So, we listen. We hear your stories then use our knowledge to build your case. Sobo & Sobo and you, Winning Together.

Keeping You Informed

An accident, can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Outside of the physical injuries, there are emotional wounds that take time to heal and financial burdens that seem never ending. With so many things out of your control, you need support you can rely on. At Sobo & Sobo, our clients are the center of all we do. We make sure you know what to expect and what steps are being taken on your behalf. Our goal is to be there for you, listen to your story and make the journey as smooth as possible. Keeping you informed as we work toward the goal of Winning Together.

We'll Come to You

The Law Firm of Sobo & Sobo is passionate about helping people. Making sure that our clients’ are completely satisfied with the results we achieve together is a process that starts with listening to your story. With offices in Middletown, Spring Valley, Monticello, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and NYC, there likely is an office near you. If not, we’ll come to you. If you have been injured, want to speak to an IVC filter injury attorney who is dedicated to making your journey as smooth as possible, and cannot make it to one of our offices, give us a call, we’ll come to you.

"There is no one else. If you go to Sobo & Sobo you know you are going to get quality attention and care."

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Experienced New York IVC Filter Injury Lawyer That Get Results

Helping Victims of Traumatic IVC Filter Injuries Rebuild Their Lives.
Life can change in an instant. When accidents happen and serious injuries occur, you may not only face physical pain and suffering, but you may also struggle with emotional pain or mounting financial concerns as a result of the accident. Sobo & Sobo can help.

Imagine having an issue with blood clots and visiting your doctor. While there you are told you needed an Inferior Vena Cava filter (IVC filter) to catch the potential blood clots to keep them from reaching your heart and lungs. You trust your doctor and so you have the surgery to place the filter. Now imagine that the filter fractures and migrates to other parts of your body, causing serious harm. Or possibly death. Aren’t modern medical devices are supposed to help us, not seriously harm or kill us?

Sobo & Sobo we understand the overwhelming anxiety this would create and how it could completely disrupted you and your family’s life. It is frightening to trust that a medical device designed to help you and instead find out that it has the potential to seriously harm or kill you. If this has happened to you, Sobo & Sobo wants to hear your story. We partner with with those hurt by defective medical devices and help them to seek compensation for their injuries. We work toward winning together, to get the results you deserve.

IVC Filters Intended To Prevent Pulmonary Embolism

IVC filters were created for patients at risk for a pulmonary embolism. The filters are very tiny, cage-like devices, intended to catch blood clots before they travel to the lungs and heart. The C.R. Bard G2 filter and others like it are supposed to be taken out of the patient once they are no longer in danger. IVC filters were initially intended to be permanent. Now, there are temporary (retrievable) although permanent IVC filters are still available. Temporary filters are supposed to be removed after the threat of a blood clot passes; however, they have been known to move within the body, causing serious complications and death. There are a number of side effects associated with IVC filters, a number of them are listed below.

Side effects of IVC Filters:

  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Organ damage
  • Organ perforation
  • Device migration
  • Device fracture
  • Device fracture and migration
  • Embolization
  • Pieces remaining in body despite surgical removal
  • Filer thrombosis
  • Filter perforation

The Trouble With IVC Filters

Since these filters were brought to market in 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has logged over 900 adverse events and counting of the filters perforating the Inferior Vena Cava, migrating to other parts of the body, either after fracturing or in its entirety, fracturing inside the body and embolization, the passage and lodging of an embolus within the bloodstream. Curiously, the FDA issued a new advisory about the IVC filters in 2014 reminding physicians the retrievable filters should be removed within 29 to 54 days after they had been implanted in a patient. They did not recall the product.

One of the first bellwether trials relating to defective IVC filters took place in Georgia where a court awarded a plaintiff $3.6 million as a result of C.R. Bard’s G2 Inferior Vena Cava filter fracturing inside her body. A bellwether trial is a test case to try a widely contested issue. Bellwether trials happen frequently in U.S. legal practice. The jury found C.R. Bard 80 percent liable for harming the patient and awarded $1.6 million in actual damages and $2 million in punitive damages. There are well over 6,000 IVC filter lawsuits in progress or pending across the U.S. with more being filed daily, with the majority filed against C.R. Bard and Cook Medical.

Serious Allegations Arise

One of the most serious allegations leveled against C.R. Bard is that they were negligent in marketing a product they knew to be defective. Court evidence indicates they likely knew about the risks of their recovery filter prior to marketing it. Apparently, a well-known regulatory specialist hired by C.R. Bard to get FDA clearance realized the concerns about the IVC filter’s safety. She refused to sign off on the clearance request but oddly her signature was on the application to the FDA. Later, when shown the document by NBC News, who was investigating C.R. Bard’s IVC filter, the specialist confirmed it was not her signature.

Not long after that launch, the company began to get complaints about the device malfunctioning. At that point, C.R. Bard hired an independent consultant to conduct a study. The consultant found the filter had a higher complication rate than other filters on the market. Although Bard tried to keep the results of the study quiet, the information got out.

There were 27 deaths and hundreds of complaints before Bard replaced the Recovery IVC filter with the G2 series, which turned out to have similar potentially fatal defects. Despite Bard being concerned about reports of G2 series device failures, they were on the market for another five years and only removed in 2010. There have been at least 12 reported deaths and multiple injuries linked to the Bard G2 series IVC filters and the company has settled a number of IVC lawsuits.

Cook Medical is also facing similar lawsuits regarding their IVC filters. Their first IVC filter was the FDA approved Gunther Tulip for permanent and temporary placement. The Celect Vena Cava filter hit the market in 2008. Celect was billed as an improved version of the Gunther Tulip, but both devices have been cited in numerous FDA adverse event reports.

What Is The Basis For An IVC Lawsuit?

Typically an IVC filter lawsuit alleges one or more of the following:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Negligence by the medical device manufacturer
  • Negligence by the company marketing the medical device
  • Breach of implied warranty on the medical device
  • Failing to warn consumers (and doctors) of known risks
  • Alleging that the companies being sued knew their products were defective but sold them in spite of that knowledge making the company liable for the harm done

Have you had an IVC Filter implanted in your body? If the answer is yes, it is a good idea to check the following to see if your filter is listed. If you find your devise on the list, it is important to get in touch an attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your legal rights.

  • R. Bard (Davol) – Recovery, G2, G2 Express
  • Cook Medical (Cook Group) – Celect, Gunter Tulip
  • Boston Scientific (Boston Scientific Corporation) – Greenfield

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