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Kingston, NY Car Accident Victims

Located on the Hudson River, Kingston, New York is a popular place for tourists.  Between visits to the Maritime Museum, strolling through the Historic District to taking one of the many boat tours on the Hudson River, there is no shortage of things to do in Kingston, NY.  Unfortunately, the combination of tourists and the over 20,000 locals making their way to and from work every day can make the roadways congested which makes car accidents more likely to occur.

Kingston, NY Car Accident VictimsWhen you or a loved one has been injured after a car crash, you need a legal team who will listen to your story, offer amazing support and build a winning case.  The Law Firm of Sobo & Sobo has built a reputation of winning together with our clients over the last 40 years.  You may have heard about our extraordinary results but that is only half of the story. Our attorneys and paralegals dedicate themselves to making your journey through the litigation process as smooth as possible.  We are here for our clients, making sure to keep them informed through each step.

Sobo & Sobo is passionate about helping our clients.  As a result, our team is completely committed to client satisfaction. We offer services that are a cut above typical personal injury firms.  We have locations all over the Hudson Valley and one located in the heart of New York City right outside Grand Central Station.

Our offices are open Monday to Friday but also offer hours on Saturday in an effort to better serve our clients.  If you need us to, we’ll even come to you. Start the journey to a brighter future today by contacting Sobo & Sobo at 1-855-GOT-SOBO.

We’re here for you following a car accident.

The Kingston area highways and local roads are filled with multiple automobiles, pedestrians, buses, and cyclists at all times of the day.  With so much activity on the roadway, even the most vigilant of drivers can find themselves involved in a collision in the blink of an eye.  A moment of distraction from something just as quick as adjusting the volume on the radio can cause a collision that can result in serious consequences.  While you can control your behavior behind the wheel, the careless behavior of other drivers is another story. Distracted driving is on the rise.  Some common examples of distracted driving behaviors include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Eating or drinking while behind the wheel
  • Interacting with other passengers
  • Driving when you have not had enough sleep
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Other acts of negligence cause a motor vehicle accident as well.  Collisions can occur when drivers:

  • Fail to follow traffic laws
  • Don’t observe traffic signals
  • Don’t adjust driving for current weather conditions
  • Fail to yield to motorcyclists, pedestrians or others on the road

A car crash can often be difficult and leave you feeling confused.  You can feel unsure if you need to speak to an attorney and you may question whether you have a case.  The Law Offices of Sobo & Sobo is here to help and the first step is to listen to your story.  Come in and meet with us for a free consultation.  No matter the circumstances or extent of your injuries from the incident, we will investigate and use the evidence to win your case.

You Focus on Feeling Better, While Sobo & Sobo Goes to Work

In New York State, there is an average of about 136,000 emergency department visits per year following traffic-related incidents.  Some of the injuries reported after a crash include:

Kingston, NY Car Accident Victims

Immediately following the crash, no matter what, make sure you receive proper medical attention.  Even if you don’t feel injured, it is important that you are looked over.  Oftentimes accident victims claim a collision had no physical effect only to realize out later that there were injuries sometimes serious ones, such as internal bleeding.

Once you tend to your injuries, the long process of healing begins.  Between the physical effects of your injuries, the emotional stress that comes with an accident and the financial burdens from medical bills or missed time at work, it can be hard to know what to do next.  With a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals like the ones at the Law Offices of Sobo & Sobo by your side, you can rest assured that we will take care of the details for you.  While we go to work on winning your case, you can focus on healing.  You’ll never have to doubt what is happening because part of our process is to be sure you are informed every step of the way.  All you have to do is feel better and focus on the next phase of your life.

Seeking justice for Car Accident victims

According to the state’s motor vehicle department, every year over 1,000 people die as a result of a traffic-related crash on a NY state roadway.  When a loved one passes away, your grief can be overwhelming.

Kingston, NY Car Accident VictimsThe pain you feel can make it difficult to do anything making the thought of speaking to attorneys, getting legal advice and potentially heading to a courtroom the last thing on your mind.  Even if you are angry and feel the crash was caused by someone else’s negligence, the thought of speaking to a lawyer can be intimidating. When you are unsure on what to do next, the entire team at Sobo & Sobo is here to listen with compassion and support you as you begin the healing process.  While absolutely nothing can eradicate the suffering you are going through, we will do all we can to seek the justice you and your family deserve.

While there is no time limit on the pain, suffering and grief after the passing of a loved one, there is a time limit for filing a wrongful death claim, which is why it is important for us to encourage you to seek legal advice as soon as you can.  Once on board, our attorneys will be by your side so that you can deal with your grief and leave the details to us.  For example, there are detailed statutes that indicate what the surviving members of family who have lost someone are entitled to receive after a wrongful death.  Part of the process requires gathering documents such as a death certificate, autopsy report, medical records or police reports prior to filing a claim.  We can take care of collecting these for you.

We can help and it all starts with a free consultation. Contact us at 1-855-GOT-SOBO so we can start helping your family during this hard time today.



Moving Forward, Winning Together

When you choose The Law Offices of Sobo & Sobo as your personal injury attorney, you are choosing a team of lawyers and paralegals who have years of experience bringing justice to accident victims all over the Hudson Valley.  Our personal injury attorneys have handled a variety of car collision cases including wrongful deaths, rear-end collisions and SUV rollovers.  After hearing your story, our lawyers will dedicate themselves to building a winning case and seeking the maximum amount of compensation possible.  Start the process of winning together by setting up your first consultation, which is always free.  Contact us today at 1-855-GOT-SOBO, we can’t wait to help you move forward.