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Premises liability is an important consideration in construction-heavy areas of New York. One case stemming back to a 2008 accident in New York that left seven people dead after a construction collapse is still not over. Whether premises liability or negligence factored into the accident may be unclear at this time, but may still factor into the case as the story continues. Either way, the career of the crane rigger involved in the accident has been halted irrevocably.

The rigging operator of the crane used during the construction collapse faced criminal charges suggesting that he contributed to the accident by taking shortcuts and using improper equipment. He was acquitted of these charges but has still been battling the courts over his operator’s license, which was revoked in July 2011. On Monday, May 21, a judge ruled that he missed the deadline for filing his appeal, and his license would not be reinstated.

The families of those injured or killed in the 2008 collapse may be relieved to know that this operator is not having his license reinstated. Even though he was acquitted of the criminal charges, the question of possible negligence in the accident may still be unresolved.

These premises liability issues surrounding crane accidents are at the forefront of the New York media. Construction accidents may place workers and bystanders in danger, particularly when they occur within the close confines of a heavily populated area. Individuals and their families involved in construction accidents may benefit from knowing their rights to pursue claims for personal injury and wrongful death when negligence has been documented.

Source: NY Daily News, “Crane rigger in deadly midtown collapse won’t get license back,” Barbara Ross, May 21, 2012