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Sobo & Sobo – Larry B.’s Story
Larry B. Trip and Fall Victim

The Accident

“Larry was injured while leaving his apartment complex when he tripped and fell at the top of stairs on a snare that had existed on this property for a long time.”  
Greg Sobo

Larry B. was doing what he always does, taking care of the people around him when his accident happened. He had been delivering food to an elderly couple that lived in his apartment complex.  Each day, Larry would head upstairs to deliver at least one home cooked meal.  On this particular day, he tripped on the saddle at the top of the stairs and went up into the air and came down hard on his elbow and hit his head on every stair on the way down.  The accident left Larry with a catastrophic shoulder injury. 

The Recovery

“He handled it with grace.  He was injured, he didn’t want to be injured, but he worked hard to get better. He followed up with all his doctor’s appointments, he went to physical therapy and he got some of his range of motion back.”
Greg Sobo

With all the ligaments in his shoulder severed, a complete shoulder reconstruction was needed.  He spent 3 days in the hospital and came home to face a very long rehabilitation process.  Not only did he have his shoulder replaced 100%, Larry was readmitted to the hospital for 11 days because he had blood clots in his lungs.  He spent nearly a year and a half sleeping in a reclining chair because he could not lie in a regular bed.  Recovery was difficult but through everything, Larry handled it with grace.  Visits to the law firm of Sobo & Sobo were made with a smile on his face and a plate of home-made cookies in his hand. 

The Aftermath

“It hasn’t been the same for me, as far as trying to do things in life, from that point on.”
Larry B.

The accident was a life changing experience.  It resulted in a massive change in the way he did things.  Even with surgery and physical therapy, he was never able to regain full range of motion back. Larry says that since the accident, it hasn’t been the same for him, from that point forward; he has had to do things differently. 

On Sobo & Sobo

“I’ve referred people to this firm.  There are only two words that come out,
Sobo & Sobo.”
Larry B.

If you ask Larry’s thoughts regarding a recommendation for a personal injury attorney, he has two words to say, Sobo & Sobo. When you ask for specifics about the firm, the staff, and Greg Sobo, Larry has nothing but positive things to say.  In describing his relationship with his attorney he shared, “Mr. Sobo was head and shoulders above the rest.  He’s a… I consider him a personal friend.”  Sobo & Sobo is a large firm that handles thousands of cases each year, but it is their ability to connect with each of their clients that stands them apart from other law firms. They take the time to listen to you, their clients and understand that your individual details, your story matters.