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Truck Accidents Lawyer

Jerome B. – Injured in a Tractor Trailer Accident

Jerome B. grew up in Jamaica, Queens as part of a military family. His father served in the Air Force and once he completed High School, Jerome made the decision to serve in the military as well. Jerome spent 8 years in the Army National Guard working in Field Artillery as a gunner on the 1-55s. When his service time was over, he followed his life-long passion of cutting hair and became a barber.

While Jerome began building his career by becoming a New York State Licensed Master Barber, and gathering a following, he got married and started a family. After his 4 kids were born, he and his wife left Queens for Upstate NY in Orange County to build a better life. He and his young sons enjoyed all the Hudson Valley had to offer staying active by playing a variety of sports including their favorite, baseball.

An Unexpected Accident
“I stopped, blew the horn, and the tractor trailer kept going.”
Jerome B.

One day while on his way home from work, Jerome wanted to stop and get gas. He was in the turn lane with his turn signal on when he noticed a tractor trailer was all of a sudden starting to turn right from the through lane. He stopped, blew his horn but, the tractor trailer kept going. The tractor trailer sideswiped Jerome in his Dodge Durango throwing the vehicle up against the grassy area totaling the SUV. A moment of distracted driving from the truck driver, who was arguing with his wife on the phone, left Jerome with neck, shoulder and lower back injuries.

After the Accident
“The hardest part for me was getting back to being normal again.”
Jerome B.

About a week and a half after his accident, Jerome tried to go back to work. As a Master Barber, his work requires Jerome to be on his feet 10 – 11 hours a day and if you don’t work, you don’t collect a salary. After the accident that became more difficult. His work, which was a joy, became limited. He could no longer cut kids’ hair, do shaves or care for anyone in a wheelchair. What started with neck, shoulder and back pain ended up being 2 discs ruptured and sciatic nerve damage as verified by MRI and EMG tests. Jerome spent the next year and a half of his life enduring surgery, bone fusions, epidural injections, physical therapy and chiropractic care. Jerome described the aftermath saying “The hardest part for me was getting back to being normal again.” He gained 50 pounds after the accident and everything changed. He wasn’t able to be as active with his young boys as he was before the accident. He is back to the work he loves but he jokingly says that he can be on his feet every day caring for his clients 10 -11 hours but he can’t sit down because it is really hard to get up again. Traveling to see family in different states is also very difficult for this man who loves spending time with family. What would be an 8 hour drive now takes much longer because he has to make frequent stops to stretch.

Winning Together
“I would use Sobo & Sobo anytime anything ever happened to me.”
Jerome B.

Jerome found The Law Firm of Sobo & Sobo through a recommendation from a friend and now he continues to recommend Sobo & Sobo to anyone who needs help. Throughout the process, he completely trusted his attorneys to take care of everything for him. He describes a relationship where Greg & the rest of the Sobo & Sobo team walked him through each step. He knew everything that would happen before it happened. Says Jerome, “I would use Sobo & Sobo anytime anything ever happened to me. They did everything they could to help.”