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Meeting Greg Sobo

“Other than having my dad here with me now, nothing from the start of meeting Greg and him taking the case, till now, I would change absolutely nothing.”
Robert H.

A few years ago Greg Sobo was having lunch in a Montgomery, NY restaurant when he was approached by Robert H.  Robert, having seen recent advertising featuring Greg and his father, approached Greg and introduced himself saying “If I ever need an attorney, I’ll call you.”  It’s funny now to recall the story because the very next day when Robert was visiting his dad he found out that he had been involved in an accident.  Robert did not hesitate; he picked up the phone to call Sobo & Sobo to see if they could help.

Robert’s Dad

“Like every kid would think his dad’s a hero. My dad really was.
Except instead of a cape, he had a wrench”
Robert H.

Robert’s dad was a master mechanic.  He grew up in an era when as one of 8 kids, it was common to quit school and help take care of the family.  He raised 7 kids provided for his wife, made sure the bills were always paid and there was always food on the table. When Robert and his siblings would wish for extras like a new bicycle, they may have been told “we don’t have the money” but when Christmas came, everything they hoped for was under the tree. His dad would make simple stories come to life by creating elaborate tales and Robert like most kids looked up to his dad.  His father left really, really big shoes for Robert to fill.

The Accident

“Well Robert’s father was involved in a car accident that clearly was not his fault. He had a bad injury that affected his life that needed a ton of treatment
that affected him every day.”
Greg Sobo

The rear-end accident occurred in Middletown, NY when a truck struck the vehicle from behind.  The impact was hard enough that the front license plate of the truck was imprinted onto the victim’s bumper.  The accident really took a toll on Robert’s dad.  Here was a man, who did all he could to care for his family who suddenly didn’t want to go anywhere.  He began experiencing back pain and headaches.  Robert watched as his hero became slower, more cautious and scared.  Even though it was hard to see his dad like that, he did all he could for him, taking him to the doctor for treatments and to Sobo & Sobo to meet with Greg and the team.

The Aftermath

“This one just really took its toll on him. In a physical and mental way,
like he just wasn’t the same.”
Robert H.

Although the events and injuries after the accident didn’t create a black and white case, Sobo & Sobo took it on.  They were able to attain a settlement for Robert’s father but unfortunately his dad passed away just before the case settled.  After his father’s death Robert describes the family, falling apart because, their rock was gone.  However due to the hard work of Greg and the team at Sobo & Sobo Robert’s dad was able to continue to care for his wife even after his passing.

On Sobo & Sobo

“There is no one else.  I mean it sounds like a cliché or whatever but if you go to Sobo & Sobo you know you are going to get quality attention and care.”
Robert H.

When you talk to Robert about his experience with the Law Firm of Sobo & Sobo it is clear that the experience was wonderful.  He describes being treated like royalty by the person at the front desk all the way up to Greg and his father Gary.  Phone calls are promptly returned, questions are patiently answered and everyone surrounding the case is treated with respect and compassion. At Sobo & Sobo you don’t feel like a number, you feel like a person.  Even though the firm handles the cases of thousands of injured people each year, they understand that your individual details, your story matters.