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You’ve been injured in an accident and made the decision to seek compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve endured. You’ve chosen a law firm that you believe in and have met with the attorney who will be handling your case. Although at first you were worried about talking to a lawyer, you feel better after having met them, confident that they will get you the results you deserve and are ready to face the legal battle in front of you.

Now What…

Will you become a name on a case file? Will you be passed off to random strangers when you call in to ask questions about your case? Will there be anyone available to you if you really need to speak someone about your case or will you have to explain who you are over and over again just to get some answers….

Well, not at Sobo & Sobo.

For us, teamwork is very important and besides the attorney who will be handling your case, there is a support staff filled with caring individuals who are dedicated to helping people. Some of the most important players on our team are our paralegals.

What Is A Paralegal?
A paralegal is a member of the Sobo & Sobo team who helps their attorney prepare for the trials, hearings, depositions, and closings on behalf of their clients. A large part of that is doing legal research, gathering information and communicating with clients.

The paralegal is an incredibly important part of the Sobo & Sobo team. They offer support not only to the attorneys they work with but to the clients we represent. They keep the wheels on the bus moving and we would not be the successful firm we are without each and every one of our hard-working, kind and compassionate paralegals.

What Our Clients Say About Sobo & Sobo’s Amazing Paralegals
Sylvia A. Ortega-Moretto thanks a Sobo & Sobo paralegal, Dana Caleco:
“I just wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me. As you know it has particularly hard for me to get on with life including the death of my son and finding a job that doesn’t require being on my feet all day. You have been such a pleasure to work with. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and assisting me with the trials and tribulations with this injury case. You are greatly appreciated beyond words.”

Amanda Bulson shares a story about the paralegal on her case:
As the case proceeded Amanda found she had difficulty with PTSD and as a result, she could not drive. One day she was ordered to meet the opposing counsel’s doctor and found herself stranded, in the rain without a car. “I called Pascall and for 45 minutes, 45, really, Pascall talked to me until help came. I was at my wits end but he stayed on the phone until I was OK. I’ll never forget it.”

Corey Peters sharing about the results of his case:
“Don’t forget what a good guy Pascall (the paralegal on his case) is.”

Shonte Anderson shares about her lawyer/paralegal team:
“Everyone at Sobo & Sobo was wonderful. They always had my best interests at
heart. Ashley and Rachel work as one. They are both sweethearts.”

Only At Sobo & Sobo
When you are going through one of the toughest times in your life, the thing you want most is to know that you have someone by your side. We promise to offer amazing support and our paralegals are a big part of that! Working as a team with our talented lawyers and support staff we will be by your side every step of the journey. If you have been injured, give Sobo & Sobo a call anytime at 1-855-GOT-SOBO.