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New York Burn Injury Lawyer

Injuries that result in scarring can leave victims in pain long after they recover from the injury. Whether you experienced a severe burn or you have facial scars from broken glass in a car crash, or from a dog bite, scars are a lasting reminder of the traumatic injury you suffered.

When the medical treatment is over and you’re left with scars or disfigurement, our attorneys can help you seek compensation for the psychological effects of living with your scar. Call Sobo & Sobo free of charge, at 855-468-7626.

Scarring And Facial Disfigurement

Scarring can occur from any type of accident. Car accidents can cause scarring in a number of different ways. The most common is where the impact from the collision causes contact with the inside of the vehicle, resulting in severe lacerations or gashes. Sometimes, accident victims are ejected from the vehicle or thrown from their motorcycle. Animal attacks can also cause severe scarring. A dog’s teeth and claws can cause significant and permanent scarring or disfigurement that can permanently alter one’s appearance. Despite corrective medicine such as stitches or plastic surgery, scars are permanent and often change, for better or for worse, over time. Our attorneys can represent you in any scarring injury, including:

  • Vehicle accident scars, including lacerations from broken glass
  • Scars from dog attacks
  • Scars from burns, fires or explosions
  • Chemical exposure scars
  • Scars from surgical procedures after an injury
  • Scars from malfunctioning products
  • Scars from construction mishaps
  • Scarring that requires surgery and laser resurfacing

Obtaining Reconstructive Surgery And Therapy

Some people undergo reconstructive or plastic surgery following a serious injury. You may also go through mental health therapy to deal with the psychological effects of scarring and disfigurement. At Sobo & Sobo, we can often incorporate the cost of surgeries to reduce scarring and disfigurements, and the cost of therapy into your settlement.”

Our Attorneys’ Can Help

Contact our lawyers at Sobo & Sobo to find out how we can help you recover compensation for your scar. Call 855-468-7626 for a free consultation. We operate on a contingent fee basis, which means there are no attorney’s fees until your case is settled. We have offices conveniently located in Middletown, NewburghSpring Valley, Monticello, Poughkeepsie, and New York City.

Burn Victim Lawyer