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The construction of the new Four W.T.C., on the site of the World Trade Center in New York, is at a halt now, due to a crane accident last month. Luckily, the potentially terrifying incident left construction workers and pedestrian passersby out of harm’s way. Unfortunately this is not always the case, as negligence concerning safety regulations can sometimes form the basis for a premises liability claim.

Crane Accident at the World Trade Center

The site of the Four W.T.C. construction apparently has stringent safety rules, which were said to help ensure the minimal harm done by this crane accident. Even so, an investigation has been undertaken concerning the malfunctioning crane to determine the precise cause of the accident. A caution has been sent out to operators of this crane model to reduce their loads in case a deficiency is found, so as to prevent further possible injury.

Dangerous WTC Construction

New York construction sites come with an inherent level of danger with the significant amounts of dangerous equipment and heavy machinery. This makes it even more important to follow safety regulations to prevent injury. It is also important for victims of accidents of these sites to be aware of whether their accident may have been caused by a negligent property owner, negligence in following safety regulations or negligence by a third party responsible for the manufacture or upkeep of the equipment.

Construction Workers File for Compensation

Those workers injured in a construction accident are often covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

If it is found that a construction site injury was caused by the negligence of a third party, the injured employee may have legal redress to file a claim against the outside party. In addition, passersby injured by falling construction debris may have legal basis for a premises liability claim against all parties whose negligence caused or contributed to the injuries sustained.

Source: DNA Info: “Crane Accident Raises Safety Questions at World Trade Center

Author: Julie Shapiro, February 27, 2012