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The partial collapse of a single-family home in a Brooklyn neighborhood has resulted in the death of one worker, and injuries to three others. New York construction accidents can be devastating when injuries or a death are involved, which is why there are significant safety regulations and precautions surrounding a construction site. These regulations and precautions become even more important when construction sites are in city neighborhoods where close proximity to other homes and people could create dangerous premises that could lead to serious injuries.

An official from the Department of Buildings claims the collapse of this Brooklyn home occurred when an addition that was being constructed onto the house had not been effectively secured to the existing structure. One of the workers was trapped beneath the rubble, and although he was transported to the hospital, he was not able to survive his injuries. Due to the collapse, a demolition of the building has been ordered and a neighboring home is to be evacuated during the process.

While no bystanders were reportedly injured during this construction accident, this is not always the case, and even here it appears the owners of the adjacent building could suffer damages as a result of this accident. In areas with a high residency rate, such as this New York neighborhood, managers of construction sites have an even greater responsibility to enforce their safety regulations and procedures in order to avoid accident or injury that could result in a premises liability claim. In the same way, residents of neighborhoods undergoing construction benefit from being aware of the potential dangers surrounding them and acting accordingly.

Source: Associated Press, “1 worker dies, 3 hurt in NYC construction accident,” April 3, 2012