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Dogs can be very friendly creatures that bring their owner or family plenty of happiness. But, ultimately, they are animals and at any given moment they could bite someone, may it be accidental or not.

Pets are even more dangerous when their owner is negligent, fails to properly restrain them or does not abide by animal laws. Innocent and unsuspecting bystanders can be harmed by a dog bite quite easily, especially with a powerful breed of dog – like a pit bull.

Just such a scenario has left people in some neighborhoods in the New York borough of Brooklyn fearful to walk the streets. There have been at least six incidents of pit bull attacks since April 2011 in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, according to a spokesman for Animal Car and Control. Some of the victims have been children, and at least one of the pit bull attacks resulted in the death of a young dog.

A Brooklyn assemblyman has called for the removal of any stray or dangerous pit bulls in the area. “These pit bulls are dangerous when they attack people, when they’re roaming in the streets. We need to remove them,” he said. The assemblyman also added that the ACC seems unprepared and understaffed to deal with these attacks, saying that “they only have one or two vehicles in the entire city.”

The case of stray dogs attacking people is a matter of public safety, but when a dog owner fails to protect others from a pet that may have vicious or violent tendencies, the owner can be held liable for any medical bills or pain and suffering dealt to the injured party.

Source: CBS 2, “Stray Pit Bulls Terrorizing Residents In Midwood And Borough Park,” Jan. 25, 2012