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Rosenblatt, Frasciello & Knipping-Diaz, LLC
Giulio Frasciello, Esq.

Rosenblatt, Frasciello & Knipping-Diaz

For over 25 years, Rosenblatt, Frasciello & Knipping-Diaz LLC has helped New York City residents win the settlements and justice they deserve from their headquarters in Inwood, Manhattan.

Now, the team at Rosenblatt, Frasciello & Knipping-Diaz is joining with Sobo & Sobo LLP to offer an expanded list of legal services to their clients from Inwood, Washington Heights, and across Manhattan and all NYC boroughs.

New Legal Services Offered by Rosenblatt, Frasciello & Knipping-Diaz

Rosenblatt, Frasciello and Knipping-Diaz, now offer the following legal services:


These rights protect NYC residents who are struggling with any kind of illness or injury caused by the negligence of another.

If you or someone you loved were recently injured, you may be eligible for compensation—even if you do not see your specific type of case listed here. Call (212)-544-8892 for a free consultation.


Benefits of Working with Rosenblatt, Frasciello & Knipping-Diaz

  • Over 25 years of experience winning NYC personal injury cases. For over 50 years, our personal injury lawyers have been serving the people of Inwood, New York and surrounding areas including the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Over the years, we’ve learned what it takes to successfully recover medical expenses, lost wages due to being out of work, and other damages including pain and suffering.
  • If we don’t win, you don’t pay. All attorney fees are paid with a portion of your settlement, which means you never have to pay out of pocket.
  • All Inwood attorneys are fluent in Spanish. Over 65% of people living in Inwood, Washington Heights and Marble Hill PUMA, New York speak Spanish as their native language. The population of Inwood is predominantly Hispanic and Latino—Dominican, specifically—and so having a legal team that is fluent in Spanish is absolutely essential for any law firm to properly accommodate to their clients. That’s why the entire Inwood staff at Rosenblatt, Frasciello & Knipping-Diaz LLC are fluent Spanish speakers, and experienced in helping the Inwood community seek justice for over 25 years.
  • We don’t use fancy legal terms. Our attorneys want their clients to be as informed as possible throughout the legal process. We’ll explain everything you need to know without any confusing jargon, so you can stay comfortable with your case’s progress throughout your time spent with us.
  • We’ll take the stress out of the legal process. Filing a lawsuit of any kind can be a long, complex and frustrating process. That’s why our lawyers specialize in helping to relieve the stress of our clients in any way possible, from gathering evidence, to organizing legal documents, contacting witnesses, collecting records, and more.


Workers Compensation in Inwood, Manhattan

Every person who works in New York state is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits pay for the injured workers’ medical care and also provide cash to compensate for workplace injuries and illnesses. If you work in New York, your employer almost certainly is required by law to provide you with these benefits in case of an injury or illness.

What to Expect

Workers’ compensation claims can be frustrating. Insurance carriers who either don’t care or try to avoid payment are common. The Workers’ Compensation Board can slow the process and cause setbacks.

Fortunately, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Sobo & Sobo specializes in speeding up the legal process, and ensuring their clients receive the maximum amount of benefits they are entitled to.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): Inwood, NY

Every person who works is eligible for social security disability benefits. So long as an employee or employer paid necessary Social Security taxes in the past, you are covered. Almost every working person is covered under this insurance.

But unlike Social Security retirement benefits, disability benefits aren’t automatic. Unfortunately, over 60 percent of the people who apply for SSD benefits are initially rejected. However, an expert SSDI lawyer can help raise the odds of approval significantly. The assistance of an experienced social security disability attorney can make all the difference.

How Long Does It Take to Collect SSDI Benefits?

It will take from two to six months to reach a ruling on an SSDI case. If you are denied benefits, we will appeal that decision and request a hearing. This can take up to 22 months. If you are further denied benefits, we won’t give up.

Free Consultation with an Inwood, NY PI Attorney.

Call (212) 544-8892 for a free consultation with a personal injury attorney in Inwood, and ask them how they can help you get the settlement and justice you deserve. Attorneys fluent in both English and Spanish are standing by for your call.

The attorneys from Rosenblatt, Frasciello & Knipping-Diaz LLC understand the mental, physical and emotional impact of an accident can be draining and will treat you with compassion throughout the litigation process. We know the missed time at work and mounting medical bills have put a financial strain on you and your family. We want to serve you with all the experience of the world’s biggest law firms, with the compassion and one-on-one care of a small one.