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The husband and teenage daughter of a woman who was killed in an upstate New York tour bus crash have filed a $40 million lawsuit, citing both speeding and a defective tire as reasons for the fatal crash. The bus accident occurred when the bus drove off the Interstate where it then flipped and slid into a wooden area off the road. As is often the unfortunate result of a bus or car accident, two passengers were killed and many more were injured. The wrongful death lawsuit seeks damages against a number of defendants for negligently causing the death of the woman.

Initial police investigation of the accident determined that there was no excessive speed, alcohol use, or driver fatigue that contributed to this unfortunate accident. However, it did reveal that there may have been an issue with the front right tire, which blew out during the crash. However, an investigation performed on behalf of the victim’s family showed that the driver was driving over the speed limit, going 72 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone, and the front right tire had apparently not been properly assembled, which led to the driver losing control of the bus and causing the accident.

The lawsuit names Bridgestone, the tour company, the manufacturer of the bus, as well as the bus driver as defendants, claiming they each acted negligently in a manner that caused or contributed to the fatal accident. These parties did not comment on the wrongful death lawsuit.

Passengers on tours of any type, especially those in a vehicle that travels shared roads where there are natural risks for a bus or car accident, expect that they will be transported with safety as the utmost concern. When this fails to happen, the results can often be catastrophic, as evidenced by this upstate New York accident.

Source: Utica Observer-Dispatch, “Family of victim killed in Upstate NY bus crash files lawsuit,” April 18, 2012