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A teenager is dead and another is seriously hurt following an accident in the early morning of April 30, according to local sources. New York police believe speed may have been a factor in the fatal accident that left a passenger dead and a driver injured. Their investigation into the crash is ongoing as of the latest report. 

According to recent reports, the vehicle was being driven by a 16-year-old boy at the time of the crash, which occurred at around 5:30 a.m. on April 30. The vehicle was headed southwest when it abruptly left the road and struck both a utility pole and an earthen embankment. The force of the impact was severe enough to kill the 16-year-old passenger. He was pronounced dead at the scene by arriving medical personnel. 

The driver was rushed to a local hospital with injuries to his legs. It is unclear from this report how severe his injuries are. News sources report that the two boys had been at a prom several hours before the accident. Speed is being considered a factor in the crash, but it is unknown whether intoxication is also being considered as a possibility. The investigation is still underway. 

If police determine the driver was speeding and/or intoxicated at the time of the fatal accident, he could face serious criminal repercussions, even as a minor. In addition, the family of the deceased passenger is entitled, under New York law, to file a wrongful death suit not only against the driver but also against anyone with ownership interest in the vehicle. Such suits are not contingent upon a criminal conviction or even charges, but they do require evidence of the driver’s negligence in the accident. 

Source: Mid Hudson Valley, NY Patch, “16-Year-Old Dead in 1-Car Crash“, Lanning Taliaferro, May 1, 2016