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Sobo & Sobo Announces Scholarship Contest Winners (2024)

Sobo & Sobo 2024 Scholarship Contest Winners

NEW YORK, NY — May 6, 2024 – Sobo & Sobo LLP, a leading law firm dedicated to obtaining justice for victims of negligence, is thrilled to announce the winners of its highly anticipated Annual Scholarship Contest for 2024. This year’s contest drew participation from high school seniors across the areas the firm serves throughout New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. These talented students competed fiercely, showcasing their artistic and creative talents in an effort to win scholarship funding.

Students were invited to submit artwork interpreting the theme of “justice” in various mediums, including sculptures, drawings, paintings, and digital art. They were encouraged to explore their creativity and express their unique interpretations of justice through their submissions. The artwork was judged based on creativity, originality, artistic skill, and relevance to the theme. 

After careful consideration, the winners of the Sobo & Sobo Annual Scholarship Contest are as follows:

Scarlett Forestire
Warwick Valley High School
1st Place Winner
  • 1st Place: Scarlett Forestire – Warwick Valley High School (Orange County)
  • 2nd Place: Rahmat Gambari – Sullivan West High School (Sullivan County)
  • 3rd Place: Ella Shay – Tappan Zee High School (Rockland County)

Scarlett Forestire’s winning sculpture, titled “The Golden Guardians of Justice,” embodies the firm’s commitment to care, compassion, and achieving results. Crafted from clay and acrylic paints, the sculpture features three books resting on a wooden base, symbolizing the firm’s unwavering dedication to enduring any challenge. Each book is meticulously adorned with these values, painted in vibrant hues that serve as a testament to Sobo & Sobo’s dedication to its clients and their pursuit of justice.

Rahmat Gambari
Sullivan West High School
2nd Place Winner

Rahmat Gambari’s detailed drawing of Lady Justice stands out for its symbolism and depth. Adorned with meticulous attention to detail, Rahmat included the Sobo & Sobo logo on the hilt of Lady Justice’s sword. This deliberate inclusion is symbolic of the firm’s reputation for fighting tirelessly for the justice of its clients and defending their rights. It represents Sobo & Sobo’s unwavering commitment to upholding the principles of fairness and accountability in the pursuit of justice.

Ella Shay’s digital drawing presents Lady Justice as the epitome of impartiality, with a blindfold representing the system’s commitment to fairness and human rights. Her interpretation highlights the firm’s mission to protect the rights of individuals regardless of external factors. Created digitally through graphic design and Photoshop, Ella’s artwork showcases her proficiency in modern artistic techniques. The intricate details and vibrant colors of her digital rendering demonstrate her skillful manipulation of digital tools to convey a powerful message of justice and equality.

Ella Shay
Tappan Zee High School
3rd Place Winner

“We’re so excited about the amazing talent we’ve seen this year,” exclaimed Greg Sobo, Founder and CEO of Sobo & Sobo LLP. “It’s been a real pleasure for us to support our local community by helping these talented students pursue their dreams. Seeing their passion and creativity in action has been truly heartwarming. We can’t wait to see what next year’s contest brings! It’s wonderful knowing that these participants are not only showcasing their talents but also competing for scholarship funding to help them attend the colleges of their choice.”

Sobo & Sobo LLP extends its congratulations to all winners and thanks all participants for their exceptional contributions. The firm looks forward to continuing its Annual Scholarship Contest in the coming years and eagerly anticipates the innovative artwork of future high school seniors.

For more information about Sobo & Sobo LLP and its scholarship programs, please visit www.sobolaw.com or contact [email protected].


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