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Sobo & Sobo Lesiones Personales en Newark, NJ

Newark’s Top-Rated Injury Lawyers

The award-winning injury attorneys at Sobo & Sobo’s Newark office have over 50 years of experience winning compensation for victims of negligence across New Jersey. Their legal teams help those injured by any act of negligence including those in car accidents, slip and falls, crosswalk accidents, dog bites, workplace mishaps and more. No matter the case, Sobo & Sobo knows what it takes to win the maximum settlement value possible for any injured clients.

How We Care for Newark Clients

Sobo & Sobo built their reputation as Newark’s most trusted name in personal injury law due to their renowned success rate, over 50 years of experience, their ability to win settlements many times larger than initiall expected, and their passion for helping clients through the legal process with patience, honesty, and transparency. They keeping in touch with their clients 24/7 to answer any questions, check in to see how they’re doing, and care for their clients every step of the way.

No legalese. No headaches. No fee unless we win. 

NJ Clients Never Pay Out of Pocket

Our “no win, no fee” policy ensures that New Jersey clients never have to pay out of pocket.  If we don’t win, our clients don’t owe us a penny. If we do, our lawyers are paid with a portion of the settlement. Because that’s just how confident we are in our ability to win together.

Free Consultations for NJ Residents

All New Jersey residents are provided with free consultations with a personal injury lawyer. In these consultations, prospective clients can share their story, and learn about what the road to compensation looks like, including any potential roadblocks, opportunities, and an estimation of the value of their case.

From here, prospective clients can then choose whether or not to choose us to represent their case with no risk and no expectations.

Contact Personal
Injury Attorneys in Newark, NJ

To speak with one of our NJ personal injury lawyers, call us at 855-GOT-SOBO, contact us online, 24/7. Or, visit us in person at our Newark office, located at 600 Mount Prospect Avenue, Newark, NJ 07104.

Our injury lawyers are excited to listen to your story, learn how they can help, and begin the process towards winning the settlement and justice you seek – together.

Sobo & Sobo Lesiones Personales en Newark, NJ

Newark’s Top-Rated Injury Lawyers

Sobo & Sobo es un bufete galardonado y reconocido a nivel nacional por su enfoque centrado en el cliente, que le ha valido elogios y reconocimiento en todo el sector jurídico:

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