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Winter has Arrived!

Icy roadways can lead to serious accidents. On Sunday, the 8th of December 2013, a car pileup on the Bronx River Parkway left 35 injured. The accident was so large it received national attention from ABC News. A spokesman for the Westchester County Police Department told reporters that cars were traveling at slow speeds at the time of the accident. There is speculation that a small elevation change in the road may have contributed to the car accident. The matter is under investigation.A local NBC affiliate also reported that the storm led to two accidents involving 20 vehicles and a third, fatal accident. Reporters were careful to note that this was early in the winter season and the storm responsible for the crashes only led to one to three inches of slushy snow accumulation. Other, larger storms are still expected.Careful driving required when navigating icy roads. Driving experts with Edmunds.com recommend avoiding roads during snow storms. Ideally, drivers should stay at home at least until after snow plows, sanding crews and salt trucks have done their work. If this is not an option, it is important to exercise careful driving practices. Some top tips to avoid crashes include:

  • Double check tires. It is very difficult to stop without proper traction. A vehicle with tires without the proper treading is less likely to grip a snow covered road. Ideally, drivers should use winter tires when snow is present.
  • Double check visibility. Each car should have an ice scraper and brush to help remove snow and ice from the windshield prior to driving. It is also wise to have an extra container of windshield wiper fluid in the trunk. Drivers go through a large quantity of this solution during winter months.
  • Double check lights. Make sure that the vehicle’s headlights are not covered with snow and ice prior to leaving.

Many cars have a variety of technological functions that can help reduce the risk of a crash, including antilock brakes. Although such forms of technology are helpful, accidents can still happen.

Remedies may be available for victims of crashes

Even when all precautions are taken a snowy road can lead to a tragic accident. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident and believe the other driver was not driving with proper care, compensation may be available to help cover rehabilitative and other medical costs. Contact an experienced New York car accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.