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Trenton, New Jersey Traffic Accidents: Statistics & Lawsuits

police car at a traffic accident in Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton, New Jersey experiences its fair share of traffic accidents amidst its bustling streets and highways. From the heart of downtown to the outskirts of the city, understanding the nuances of traffic patterns and accident-prone areas is crucial for residents and visitors alike. This article will also include information as to how Trenton residents who are injured in traffic accidents can sue negligent parties for compensation by following specific legal steps.

Trenton, NJ Traffic Accident Statistics

  • Approximately 1,200 traffic accidents occur in Trenton annually, averaging around three accidents per day.
  • Rear-end collisions account for 40% of all traffic accidents in Trenton, making it the most common type of collision.
  • Over 60% of traffic accidents in Trenton involve drivers under the age of 35, indicating a higher risk among younger drivers.
  • On average, there are 15 pedestrian-related accidents per month in Trenton, highlighting the need for improved pedestrian safety measures.
  • Distracted driving is a contributing factor in 25% of all traffic accidents in Trenton, with cell phone use being the primary distraction.
  • The majority of traffic accidents in Trenton occur during rush hours, with peak accident times between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM.
  • Approximately 20% of traffic accidents in Trenton result in injuries requiring medical attention, ranging from minor to severe.
  • Intersection collisions are prevalent in Trenton, with 30% of all accidents occurring at major intersections such as Perry Street and North Clinton Avenue.
  • Adverse weather conditions contribute to 15% of traffic accidents in Trenton, particularly during winter months with snow and ice.
  • Route 29 is the most accident-prone highway in Trenton, with an average of 150 accidents reported annually along its stretch within the city limits.

Most Dangerous Areas in Trenton, NJ

Certain locations within Trenton are notorious for traffic accidents due to various factors such as heavy traffic flow and inadequate road infrastructure. Some of these locations include:

  • Hamilton Avenue and Chambers Street Intersection: This intersection is prone to accidents due to its complex layout and heavy traffic flow from nearby Route 129.
  • Olden Avenue and Prospect Street: This crossing creates a hazardous junction with limited visibility and confusing traffic signals, leading to frequent accidents, particularly during rush hours.
  • I-295 and Route 1 Merge: The point where I-295 meets Route 1 experiences frequent accidents, attributed to the convergence of traffic from both highways and inadequate signage.
  • Route 33 near Waterfront Park: This area is prone to accidents due to its scenic views of the Delaware River, which often lead to distracted driving incidents.
  • Brunswick Avenue and Southard Street: This intersection poses challenges for drivers, with narrow lanes and heavy pedestrian traffic contributing to accidents, particularly during busy periods.
  • North Clinton Avenue near Trenton Transit Center: Accidents occur frequently here due to heavy traffic flow and congestion during peak commuting hours.

Car accidents can have devastating consequences, leaving victims with injuries, medical bills, and emotional trauma. In Trenton, NJ, understanding the legal process for pursuing a car accident lawsuit is essential for those seeking compensation for their losses.

Examples of Driver Negligence That Prove Liability

Some of the most common examples of driver negligence in Trenton that warrants legal action include:

  • Reckless Driving: If the other driver was speeding, not obeying traffic signs and signals, or violating any kind of traffic law at the time of the accident, they will likely be held liable for damages.
  • Distracted Driving: Accidents caused by distracted driving, such as texting or talking on the phone while driving, may warrant legal action against the negligent driver.
  • Failure to Yield Right-of-Way: A driver who fails to yield the right-of-way at intersections or when merging onto highways may be held liable for all damages caused in the accident.
  • Unsafe Lane Changes: Sudden swerving or failure to signal while changing lines may lead to legal action against the negligent driver for causing the collision.
  • Following Too Closely: Drivers who tailgate or following too closely behind other vehicles are typically held liable for causing any resulting accident (particularly rear-end accidents).
  • Failure to Maintain Vehicle: Accidents caused by mechanical failures or poorly maintained vehicles, such as brake failures or tire blowouts, may warrant legal action against the vehicle owner or maintenance provider for negligence in vehicle upkeep.
  • Drunk Driving: If the other driver was operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they may be liable for any injuries or damages resulting from the accident.

How Do Car Accident Lawsuits Work in NJ?

The legal process for accident lawsuits typically involve the following steps:

  • Investigation: First, legal teams conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the accident, gathering evidence such as police reports, witness statements, and medical records.
  • Filing a Complaint: Attorneys will file a complaint with the court, outlining the details of the accident, the injuries sustained, and the damages sought.
  • Discovery: Both parties exchange information and evidence relevant to the case, including documents, witness testimony, and expert opinions.
  • Negotiation: Your attorney will engage in negotiations with the opposing party or their insurance company to reach a settlement. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, the case may proceed to trial.
  • Trial: If the case goes to trial, both parties will present their arguments and evidence to a judge and/or jury, who will determine liability and award damages if applicable.

NJ Statute of Limitations for Auto Injury Claims

Any victim of an accident injured by another driver’s negligence may be eligible to file a car accident lawsuit, as long as the accident occurred within New Jersey’s statute of limitations of two years. Injury claims filed more than two years after the accident will be dismissed. 

NJ Comparative Negligence Law

New Jersey follows a comparative negligence system, which means that in a personal injury case, the fault and liability for the accident can be distributed among all parties involved based on their degree of negligence. Under this law, even if the plaintiff (injured party) is partially at fault for the accident, they can still recover damages from other at-fault parties. However, the amount of compensation they receive will be reduced by their percentage of fault. 

For example, if the plaintiff is found to be 20% at fault and the total damages amount to $10,000, they would receive $8,000 after the deduction of their share of fault. Experienced car accident lawyers argue to hold the negligent party as close to 100% responsible for the traffic accidents they cause, ensuring maximized compensation for all related damages. 

Recent Car Accident Settlements in Trenton

While outcomes vary depending on the details of each case, these recent car accident settlements in Trenton serve as examples of potential resolutions:

  • Intersection Collision at Perry Street and North Clinton Avenue: A victim injured in an intersection collision received a settlement of $350,000 to cover medical expenses and lost income.
  • Rear-End Collision on Route 29 near Cadwalader Park: A driver rear-ended on Route 29 received a settlement of $250,000 for injuries sustained in the accident.
  • Pedestrian Accident at Warren Street and State Street: A pedestrian struck by a distracted driver received a settlement of $500,000 for injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering.
  • Single-Vehicle Accident on Route 129 near Trenton Battle Monument: An individual injured in a single-vehicle accident caused by roadway construction debris received a settlement of $200,000 for medical expenses and lost wages.
  • Multi-Vehicle Collision on Route 1 near Quaker Bridge Mall: A victim involved in a multi-vehicle collision received a settlement of $400,000 for injuries and property damage.

*The above examples are for illustrative purposes only, and in no way guarantee a similar outcome. 

How to File a Car Accident Lawsuit in Trenton

While those seeking compensation can file an injury lawsuit on their own, clients typically receive much larger settlement amounts with help from a local experienced injury lawyer. Clients can follow these steps to file an injury lawsuit after an accident:

  • Consult with an Attorney: Schedule a consultation with an experienced car accident attorney who can evaluate your case and provide guidance on the best course of action.
  • Gather Evidence: Collect any evidence related to the accident, including police reports, medical records, photographs, and witness statements, to support your claim.
  • File a Complaint: Your attorney will file a complaint with the appropriate court, outlining the details of the accident and the damages you’re seeking.
  • Serve the Defendant: The defendant must be served with a copy of the complaint and summons, notifying them of the lawsuit and their legal obligations.
  • Engage in Discovery: Both parties exchange information and evidence relevant to the case through the discovery process, including documents, witness testimony, and expert opinions.
  • Negotiate a Settlement: Your attorney will negotiate with the opposing party or their insurance company to reach a fair settlement. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the case may proceed to trial.

Contact a Trenton, NJ Car Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Trenton, NJ, don’t hesitate to seek legal representation. The experienced car accident attorneys at Sobo & Sobo have over 50 years of experience winning auto injury settlements for clients across New York, New Jersey and Illinois. Schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys by calling 855-468-7626 or contacting us online. Let us advocate for your rights and fight for the justice you deserve after a car accident.