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A Tragic Accident

“One of the most… saddest cases I have ever worked on.”
Greg Sobo

“She just looked at me and she said: ‘Mommy, that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard’.”
Patricia M.

On her daughter’s fifth birthday, Patricia Murphy received the kind of phone call for which no one is ever prepared. She was on her way to work when her mother called to give her the news that her fiancé, the father of her daughter had passed away.

Patricia’s fiancé Garry fell 30 feet onto a concrete floor while working on the roof of a local business. The fact that his employer had not provided the proper safety equipment among other acts of negligence meant that this accident came to a tragic end. The fall itself did not result in an immediate loss of life, after the fall, his co-workers could hear him moaning below when they called out to him. Unfortunately, he bled out before other workers or any medical assistance could get to him.

A Father’s Love

“He lived for his daughter. On the day that he died, they were going through his things and found a teddy bear in his backpack.”
Greg Sobo

As this family’s story was being told you could see that this father and daughter were very close. It was clear from the beginning that it was very important for him to be there for his daughter. They spent a lot of time together, he looked forward to seeing her after work each day and he spent time teaching her life lessons. The fact that this 5 year old was going to have to grow up without a father is tragic. He would not be there to give her a hug after she had a hard day, he would not be able to tuck her in at night and he would never be able to walk her down the aisle. Perhaps the biggest tragedy of all is that this father was unable to say goodbye to the daughter he so dearly loved. He didn’t have a moment at the end to mouth to someone, Tell my daughter I’ll be with her, tell her that I love her.

A Mother’s Strength

“Through her (Patricia’s) strength we were able to tell the story that needed to be told.”
Greg Sobo

Patricia was able to be a tremendous advocate for her daughter. She was able, through her testimony to give life to someone who had passed away. Although she felt alone, helpless as to what to do, she pressed on and fought for her daughter. With Patricia’s help, the Law Firm of Sobo & Sobo was able to negotiate a landmark settlement for the victim’s daughter.

A Strong Partnership

“The facts are that Greg is the best.”
Patricia M.

When you talk to Patricia it is clear that The Law Firm of Sobo & Sobo helped her through the most difficult time in her life. Sobo & Sobo was the second firm to handle the case. When it became clear that other attorney did not really understand the complexities of the case and the unique ways in which her fiancé’s death would affect her family, Patricia looked for another lawyer and found Greg. She describes this period of her life a time of hell of in which Greg and his team, were there for her. To this day she considers Greg one of the kindest people she has ever met and would turn to Sobo & Sobo if she ever found herself in need of legal counsel. Says Patricia, “They are not just fighting for the case; they are fighting for the person”.

A Legacy That Lives On

“My daughter is doing great today.”
Patricia M.

Today at 13, the center of the story, Patricia’s daughter is doing very well. She is on High Honor Roll, she loves to draw and she has a positive outlook on life. She continues to speak of her father as if he was a close friend and she refers to him as her guardian angel.