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T-Bone Accident Lawyers

victims of t-bone accidents in new york filing injury claims for legal compensation

T-bone accident attorneys represent those who are injured in these types of accidents that are caused by negligence. Their goal is to maximize the amount of compensation owed to their clients in the form of an injury settlement. Victims who seek legal counsel from a lawyer experienced in representing T-bone clients can speak with an attorney in a free consutlation by calling 855-468-7626, or by scheduling an appointment online.

T-bone collisions—also known as ‘broadside’ or ‘impact’ collisions—occur when the front of a vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle, causing a crash in the shape of the letter “T.” According to statistics from the National Highway Safety Administration, T-bone accidents cause nearly 8,000 deaths per year in the U.S., and many more thousands of serious injuries.

Who is at Fault in a T-Bone Accident?

The majority of T-bone accidents occur at intersections, where a misunderstanding or negligence regarding who has the right-of-way causes one vehicle to collide into the side of another. Either driver may be found at fault for causing a T-bone accident. Both the driver who was hit from the side, as well as the driver that hit them may be found guilty depending on certain circumstances. Variables that determine which driver is at fault for the accident include:

  • Which driver had the legal right of way
  • Whether or not road sign directions were adhered to
  • Evidence collected from the site of the accident
  • Eyewitness accounts of the accident
  • Details from police reports of the accident

Examples of Driver Negligence in T-Bone Collisions

Every T-bone accident is unique. The following information about determining fault is based on how a court will typically fault one party over another for negligence. However, there are many cases in which a T-bone accident lawyer can help any injured victim prove their innocence in the collision, despite these trends.

  • Right-of-Way: Right-of-way refers to the traffic law that determines when a driver or pedestrian may proceed ahead. If an accident occurs when a driver fails to properly yield to another, they may be held liable for any injuries sustained.

Important things to know about how fault is determined in right-of-way situations:

  • Left Turns: In most cases, left turns require the driver to yield to oncoming traffic. Aggressive drivers will often attempt to turn across oncoming traffic and misjudge the speed of oncoming vehicles, causing a T-bone collision.
    Invariably, the crossing vehicle is struck by the approaching driver. It’s also possible for the vehicle proceeding straight to be at fault if they enter the intersection illegally and the turning driver has a green light.
  • Red Lights & Stop Signs: One of the most common causes of T-bone collisions is running a red light or stop sign.
    Accidents occur when a high-speed vehicle attempts to “make a light” or disregards a stop sign, colliding with another vehicle properly using the intersection. In this case, the driver failing to obey the traffic signal is typically at fault.
  • Oncoming traffic always has the right of way, not the vehicle attempting to merge or turn across an oncoming lane
  • Green lights indicate a right of way, but drivers must still be attentive and cannot simply proceed carelessly
  • Yield means to stop or slow down, only to proceed with moving traffic allows it. Always yield to moving traffic when moving into traffic from a driveway or private road
  • Always obey any directions from law enforcement and yield to any emergency personnel vehicles
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Types of Injuries Covered by T-Bone Lawsuits

T-bone accidents can lead to serious and long-lasting injuries depending on the types of automobiles involved, and the speed of impact. Some of the most common injuries sustained from T-bone accidents include:

  • Head and Neck Injuries: T-bone accidents commonly cause whiplash. The impact often causes the head to forcefully strike the door or other parts of the car. This often results in lacerations to the face or face, potentially leaving lifelong scars. In worse-case scenarios, the victim may suffer a concussion or other traumatic brain injury (TBI). 
  • Back Injuries: Impact from a T-bone collision can cause serious spinal cord issues and nerve damage. It’s not uncommon for victims to sustain herniated disks, pinched nerves or fractured bones in the spine.
  • Chest and Abdominal Injuries: Since the body is only protected by the door and window in a side-impact collision, the core of the body is susceptible to significant damage. Broken ribs may puncture or damage lungs and other organs. There is also a risk for internal bleeding.
  • Arm and Leg Injuries: Depending on angle of impact, the upper or lower part of the body can sustain serious injury. Doors may crumple toward the body and cause broken bones, dislocated joints, or entirely crush a limb. Crush injuries cause significant damage to bones, nerves, and muscles. Shattered glass may also cause severe lacerations to the arms and legs.

T-Bone Accident Settlement Amounts

Upon a successful lawsuit’s conclusion, the amount of compensation from a T-bone collision settlement must cover a victim’s:

  • Past and future medical expenses related to the accident
  • Damages due to pain and suffering
  • Damages and expenses due to loss of ability if the victim was paralyzed or permanently injured in some way
  • Compensation for loss of income if the victim was unable to work
  • Emotional and psychological pain

Statute of Limitations for T-Bone Injury Lawsuits

Winning an injury settlement is only possible if an accident victim files a lawsuit within their state’s statute of limitations. These statutes vary by state. For example, New York only gives victims 3 years to file a t-bone injury claim from the date of their injury diagnosis, while Illinois residents only have 2 years to file. However, there may be exceptions to these statutes depending on the details of the case. In these instances, speaking with a T-bone accident lawyer can help interested clients determine exactly how their state’s limitations affect their case.

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Those seeking legal counsel after this kind of traffic accident can contact the t-bone accident attorneys at Sobo & Sobo online for a free consultation, or by calling 855-GOT-SOBO. The Sobo team has over 50 years of experience helping injured victims win settlements for T-bone accidents across the New York, New Jersey and Chicago, IL.

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T-Bone Accident Statistics (National)

According to the National Safety Council, T-bone crashes caused about 7,400 deaths in 2018. About 4.5 million severe injuries in the US occurred in 2018 from motor vehicle collisions. Side-impact collisions caused about 40.7% of these injuries.